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Youssef Dhaker / October 2014 Berlin- Germany / Seminare About Journalism

One of member of Ajmec Family as Youssef Dhaker participated seminare in Germany. That's his experiences and adventures through his eyes ... Good job Youssef congrats.
"Thanks to Ajmec i had the chance to participate in different seminars and projects and thats come after a hard work as well. The last participation has been to Berlin where i learned new culture, met new poeple gained some experience in Journalism field as the project was about "Rethinking journasim' held by MENAC in Berlin. The project was fruitfull, you learn how to speak how to communicate properly,. Indeed my role was presenting Tunisia via Ajmec and that was thru the cultural night held where tradional tunsian food given and a presentation done. however during the days hard work was done, meeting reporters journalists from different countries.. My role with Mathias from Germany and Anja from latvia was to make a report about refugees in Germany, we went into streets where they gather,into a school they conquered.. i was transalting the interviews helf for hours. thus we came up with a good report published on Orange Magazine on Menac site . Im so proud of Ajmec and my participation and looking forward for more engagement with Ajmec and advice all reader to take part with us, you can join me, or replace me when you have the required competence." Youssef Dhaker

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