24 Aralık 2014 Çarşamba

Happy Merry X-mas ^^

Wish you more volunteering, love and peace in the 2015. Happy Merry X-mas dear Ajmec volunteers ...

25 Ekim 2014 Cumartesi

Ajmec Presents : The Report of 2014 published !

The Report 2014 of AJMEC already published.  You can find some pages of it.  All the report ( Ajmec's stories of 2014 ) will upload to here soon !

-cover page-
-last cover page-

27 Eylül 2014 Cumartesi

New start : Turkish Lesson in Akouda Kids Club !

The first  Turkish lesson is made by Şebnem and Şaban in kids club of AKOUDA....It was amazing and interesting occasion for tunisian youngers and adherants ...GULE....GULE...  ( Pics taken by JAlel Babay )

gimme five high :)

14 Eylül 2014 Pazar


Şebnem started her personal project that name is “TURN YOUR FACE” . This is a photo project. It is about violence aganist women and women rights. 

“Everyday not only all around the earth lots of women killed by their sons, husbands, partners, in summary by men.But also everyday you can rad lots of news on journal or on TV about women murderer. According to this case, i like to do social awareness project about women rights. I am working with “we will stop the women murderer platform” in Turkey also here , in Tunisia , collaborate with ATFD . As I told, we haven’t got true statistic about women murderer. Cause when women violence by man, they try to hide this case from their society. We can understand that. Cause according to women , it is kind of “shame” 

There are so many kind of violence; social, physical, psychological , mobbing like that. I would like explain that why this project interest especially about physical violence? Cause physical violence on the most important point. this circle working generally like that, first psychological violence and then it is following  physical violence, after this point mostly end comes with womenmurderer.  If we able to catch this point and we can succeed for break the circle or make awareness. This project created around this idea . And it can be a part of awareness like lots of project about women. 

With this project I intend to make visible the invisible. Women are encouraged to be courageous in the face of violence. Each photo or message that you send can give moral support. The project is based on a voluntary basis. Hence, no tangible purpose."

Here is the facebook project page adress 

11 Eylül 2014 Perşembe

Ajmec EVS storie ...

Ajmec started to be evs hosting&sending organization first time all around Tunisia. During 10 years, day by day Ajmec have been a model for other Tunisian NGOs. Today there are a lot of organisation in Tunisia and they are walking way of AJMEC.

Ajmec opened the a  door for offer to opportunities to youngester, Especially Tunisian youngester. Now, other Tunisian NGOs are passing this door .We hope that  it will be more better than now for Tunisian youngester, members of ajmec family ..etc

Actual sending and hosting volunteers list uploaded !

For hosting volunteers list please  click here !
For sending volunteers list please click here !

5 Eylül 2014 Cuma

5th Edition is Coming Soon !

Voice of Volunteers Journal  5th Edition is coming sooooooon ...

Refresh the memorize :) 2014 Ajmec 4th Edition of the International Exclusion of violence Meeting

AJMEC 2014 4th Edition of the international meeting "Exclusion of violence: Mainstreaming the culture of peace among the youth"

Every year AJMEC organize, in collaboration with JCI Akouda and Rotary Club El Kantaui, the international meeting “Exclusion of violence. Mainstreaming the culture of peace among the youth”. It’s an occasion for create an intercultural dialogue, sharing information about violence in the countries of participants. Last year participate to the meeting: Bulgaria, France, Turkey, Italy, Tunisia, Poland, USA and UK. This years the meeting was in 30-31-1 June in the saloon of the municipality theatre of Sousse with the participation of: Iceland, Italy, Turkey, Poland, France, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Tunisia and Bulgaria.

Find everything in this video also  Click here for 4th edition of Voice of Volunteers  :)

29 Ağustos 2014 Cuma

" Dar Tagafa " Cultural Center of Akouda is blossoming by Ajmec Volunteers

Ajmec volunteers visited Dar Tagafa of Akouda again on 28th of August. But for this time not for movie night, volunteers came together for garden. First day we meet with Si Sadouk responsible of cultural Center for decided to organizing garden of cultural center. And second day, all flowers came their new home :) We plant colourful flowers and especially bougainvilleas...  garden smiled with these flowers... Hope that; when we visit again, we can see big pink & white bougainvillea trees in the Dar Tagafa garden.
Stay with love <3
(Thank for pics - taken by Mounir Bokchari )

mission completed :)