5 Eylül 2014 Cuma

Refresh the memorize :) 2014 Ajmec 4th Edition of the International Exclusion of violence Meeting

AJMEC 2014 4th Edition of the international meeting "Exclusion of violence: Mainstreaming the culture of peace among the youth"

Every year AJMEC organize, in collaboration with JCI Akouda and Rotary Club El Kantaui, the international meeting “Exclusion of violence. Mainstreaming the culture of peace among the youth”. It’s an occasion for create an intercultural dialogue, sharing information about violence in the countries of participants. Last year participate to the meeting: Bulgaria, France, Turkey, Italy, Tunisia, Poland, USA and UK. This years the meeting was in 30-31-1 June in the saloon of the municipality theatre of Sousse with the participation of: Iceland, Italy, Turkey, Poland, France, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Tunisia and Bulgaria.

Find everything in this video also  Click here for 4th edition of Voice of Volunteers  :)

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